Why Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient tradition that has been around for thousands of years and is just as relevant (if not more so) today as it was then. It is a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing and works on the whole person, mind, emotions and body. The overall aim of yoga is to bring us inner peace and self awareness. It is not a religion but a journey of self discovery.

Most of us are familiar with or have heard of the yoga exercises and meditation but they are more than mere exercises and relaxation. They have been designed by the ancient yogis to get us moving on an energetic level and improve our personal growth.

Meditation is not just relaxation, though relaxation is an integral part of meditation, to meditate is to contemplate, to increase self awareness and self knowledge.

My background has been in nursing and counselling and yoga has been a wonderful way for me to utilise these skills in a more proactive and productive way for improving our physical and mental health. It has been my own journey that has propelled me to become a yoga teacher and I have now qualified as a RYTA 500 and have done numerous courses to constantly improve my skill level such as yoga therapy, advanced children’s yoga and currently completing my diploma in ‘yoga for backs’ through the international yoga teachers association. I have also recently been invited to complete my mastery in children’s yoga.

You are most welcome to join me on this transformational, wonderful journey and I look forward to meeting you.

Leanne Miller

Individual and group classes are available. For further information send an email to with the subject heading Yoga Enquiry.