Parking & Entrance

Parking & Entrance


•   Disabled
A parking place for disabled people is provided  opposite the entrance to The Integrated Therapy Centre which is alongside the house on the concrete. From this parking space it is an easy access into the building across the concrete and to the door which is suitable for wheel chair access as it is level with the concrete

•   General Parking
A parking area is provided at the back on the gravel for clients who do not need disable parking or access. Entry is off the driveway at the side of the house.

•   Security Entry System
All client entry is only through the security entry at the side of the house off the driveway. No access is provided though the front doors.

On arrival at the main entry (side of the house) you will see a panel with our names and buzzer number. Please ring the buzzer for your therapist and they will respond and release the security door for you to enter. The entry system has been installed so it is reachable from a wheel chair.

Our entry door has been designed and hand made by a local artist … so we hope you take a moment to notice the craftsmanship and design.