Mind Matters Counselling

  • Immersion Workshops, Ceremonies, Rituals and Qi Gong

    Align your mind and body as one.

  • Introduction to Drumming Basics

    Two hour group training.

  • One Day Group Drumming Programs

    Theme based deep dive and exploration.

  • Drumming for Calm

    8 week group drumming program for stress relief and nervous system regulation.

  • Reflective Clinical Supervision

    Using drums as communication from the somatic narrative – exploring state change then reflection.

  • Theme Based Group Supervision

    • Grief, loss and trauma • Brainspotting
    • Polyvagal integration into client work.

Welcome to Mind Matters Counselling Services. My philosophy is to work together with each client to assist them to achieve their desired goals in a calm, safe and positive way.

After 20 years in Bacchus Marsh I am relocating to warmer weather and will reopen in person intensive sessions towards the end of 2024. All online services currently in place will continue during this transition period.

The focus of my work is the provision of intensive therapy sessions, individual supervision, group supervision and creative and drumming group workshops. I continue to provide direct EAP services to my contract clients and these are offered by zoom. From May onwards all appointments will be by zoom.

I specialise in the following areas and modalities:

  • Individual and Group Supervision
  • Intensive Individual Therapy
  • Group Programs – Drumming for Calm
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Illness, Dying and Death
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Polyvagal Theory, Mapping and Resourcing
  • Brainspotting
  • EMDR
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Animal Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Ego States, Parts, Internal Family System
  • Nervous System Regulation

All my work is developed specifically and is a unique program tailored to the group theme and or your individual needs and goals.


I work within trauma and trauma related issues (including addictions, attachment disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression), death, dying, grief, loss, and crisis.

The intensive therapy is commenced with a two hour assessment session (face to face or by Zoom) to determine if the intensive therapy program is right for you. Sessions are run for three – four hours (with breaks). A typical day would commence with a session in the morning, a lunch break and a session in the afternoon. These are run for 2 – 4 consecutive days with the final session providing consolidation and review.

The intensive program offers a depth of healing in the therapy that is similar to what is provided in a retreat – the difference is this is within the normal environment of daily living and can be booked for a single day or multiple days without the commitment to weeks at a time. There are local B&B and Airbnb accommodation available to those that are travelling across town, interstate or overseas.

I work with adolescents (15 years old and up) or adults either individually or group work. I have trained my Alaskan Malamute – Emmie in Animal Assisted Therapy. We work together as a team during assessment and intensive sessions.


I am passionate about supervision and see it as a vital part of the work we do – for our own self care, reflection and growth and to ensure that the best interests of the client are always the focus. I love providing supervision and love having supervision.

I offer individual and group clinical and reflective supervision sessions for a variety of professionals within the helping areas. I provide these currently by Zoom. The group supervision offered is across multi modalities expanding across the areas I am trained and qualified in and or theme based currently Grief and Loss and Trauma, Brainspotting, Through Polyvagal Theory lens. New groups (based on multi modality and professions being opened in July 2024.

Enquire at any time direct to kayegriffin@mindmatterscounselling.com for individual or group supervision enquiries.

I am passionate about delivering and developing supervision skills and knowledge and it is a focus in my professional development and practice.

Please call or email me – I am happy to answer your questions without a commitment to an appointment.



I work by appointment only.

• Mobile: 0414 460 060
• Email Address: kayegriffin@mindmatterscounselling.com