Clinical Consultations

I offer clinical consultation, debriefing, educational workshops and theme based discussion by zoom. Intensive sessions are offered only in person and a new schedule of available times will be offered later in 2024, there are no intensive sessions available. Intensive sessions are not for everyone but for many it allows individuals to work in a focused way that allows access to healing at a deeper level and sustained way that can’t be accessed within a single 1 hour session. Prior to agreeing to undertake intensive sessions we have an initial session to review the goals of your therapy and to determine how you manage outside of session and what resources and supports you have in place. Intensive sessions can be daily for a week, or they can be for several hours with agreed brakes in a single day.

I would be pleased to discuss the concept of intensive sessions further with you. It is important to work together in way that is safe and comfortable for you. Trusting the process and the therapist is paramount to successful outcomes and will support the change and healing you are seeking.

Please call or email me to request further information or to discuss this further.