Session Overview

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy
Canine Animal Assisted Therapy (with Emmie) is available and can be part of all therapy sessions on offer.

Intensive Sessions
These are available after an initial consultation and provide individuals with the ability to maximise their face to face therapy time by working in longer session times. Intensives are available as follows:
• 2 hrs – 120 minutes
• 3 hrs – 180 minutes
• 4 hrs – 240 minutes, or
• 5 hrs – 360 minutes.

Breaks are scheduled into the intensives sessions as required. Intensives are available daily for a week or two weeks.

Enquire direct to to enquire and explore the next available times being offered for intensives.

Clinical Supervision & Mentoring Individuals
• 1st  & Subsequent Sessions: Up to 60 minutes duration

Clinical Supervision & Mentoring Groups
• 2 or 3 hour groups supervision is provided. A minimum of 4 for a group is required or a minimum of 6 for group supervision.

New groups are on offer from July 2024 – Enquire direct to to enquire and explore the next available times being offered.

Contract Consultation and Employee Assistance Program
• Individual and group is available for 1 hr, 2 hrs, or 3 hrs
• Debriefing is available for individual or group for 1 hr, 2 hr, or 3 hr time allocation.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours – one full working day notice is required for every 1 hour in the supervision or therapy session. For intensive therapy or assessment – two hours requires two full working days’ notice for cancellation. If the minimum required notice of cancellation or to reschedule is not provided the full fee is payable.  

•  Payment is required prior to all intensive therapy
•  Invoices and electronic transfers available
•  Zoom or Telephone or Skype Consultations, In person only for Intensive Therapy Sessions
•  Private Health Fund rebates are available.

I am happy to respond to your questions by email or by phone and welcome the opportunity of speaking with you.