Session Overview

Following is an overview on the session work that I provide. Please call me to discuss your interest and requirements further. I am very happy to talk to you and answer your questions without you needing to commit to an appointment. I look forward to speaking with you and the opportunity of working with you.

Single Sessions
I will continue to offer a small number of 1 hour sessions on a weekly basis for those existing clients who are seeking short term therapy of 4 – 6 sessions.

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy
Canine Animal Assisted Therapy (with Emmie) is available and can be part of all therapy sessions on offer. Prior notice is required and where there is group or intensive sessions there will be breaks provided for the attendees.
Informed Consent to Participate in Animal Assisted Therapy Interventions

Emotional Eating and Over Eating Change Groups – Resolving Emotional and Over Eating Program (REAP)

An 8 week group program will be run to support all individuals who are struggling with emotional eating and over eating. The program will consist of:
•  Session 1 – Individual appointment for assessment and interview for up to 60 minutes
•  Session 2 – 7 – Group session for 2 hours – options of afternoon or evening times
•  Session 8 – Indiviudal appointment for review and conclusion

The REAP Group is therapeutic and focused on providing psychoeducation, resources and skills to assist in bringing and maintaining change, a safe place to explore and discuss challenges to change, practice the skills and resources and participate in group therapy using EMDR. Each meeting will include the above elements and assist participants to gain a deeper understanding about their eating pattern, provide resources and management skills and address the underlying issues with EMDR Therapy each session.

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing and the therapy is designed for working with distressing memories which lead to symptoms and behaviours such as emotional eating and over eating, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. The therapy is based on the concept that negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours are the results of unprocessed memories from unpleasant experiences. EMDR therapy aims to reduce subjective distress and strengthen adaptive thoughts relating to the negative memory and facilitate patterns and behaviours that support the positive change that is desired.

Each group will be for  6–10 participants and will be held in Western Melbourne locations. It will run every Monday for two hours overs over six weeks. The group is closed and once the group commences it remains a closed group .

All enquiries and expressions of interest should be directed to

Intensive Sessions
These are available after an initial consultation and provide individuals with the ability to maximise their face to face therapy time by working in longer session times. Intensives are available as follows:
• 2 hrs – 120 minutes, 3 hrs – 180 minutes, 4 hrs – 240 minutes, or 5 hrs – 360 minutes.

Breaks are scheduled into the intensives sessions as required. Intensives are available daily for a week or two weeks or can be provided weekly or fortnightly or at longer time intervals as required.

Clinical Supervision & Mentoring

• 1st  & Subsequent Sessions: Up to 60 minutes duration
• 2 or 3 hour groups supervision is provided. A minimum of 4 for a group is required or a minimum of 8 for a co-facilitated group supervision.

Contract Consultation and Employee Assistance Program
• Individual and group is available for 1 hr, 2 hrs, or 3 hrs
• Debriefing is available for individual or group for 1 hr, 2 hr, or 3 hr time allocation.

Skype Consultation
• 60 minute, 45 minute and or 30 minute sessions are available

Smoking Cessation
• 1st Session: 90 minutes to 120 minutes duration
• 2nd & Subsequent Sessions: Up to 60 minutes duration

I do not commit to a single session for smoking cessation and recommend that three sessions are undertaken as follows:
• 2nd Session – approximately 10 days – 14 days after first session
• 3rd Session – approximately 10 – 12 weeks after first session

Virtual Gastric Band Program
• 1st Session: Up to 90 minutes duration
• 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sessions: Up to 60 minutes duration
• Additional sessions if required: Up to 60 minutes duration

Note: Underlying issues may surface during the program and will be addressed within the program if possible – otherwise any separate sessions required will be up to 60 minutes.

Cancellation Policy
24 hours – one full working day notice is required for every 1 hour in the therapy session. For intensive therapy or assessment – two hours requires two full working days’ notice for cancellation. If the minimum required notice of cancellation or to reschedule is not provided the full fee is payable.

• Payment is required on the day of the appointment for all private clients
• No invoices provided
• Telephone or Skype Consulations – payment required by electronic transfer
• Private Health Fund rebates are available.
• Please note that payment is by cash or cheque only and is payable on the day of the appointment. – no credit card or EFTPOS facilities are available.

I am happy to respond to your questions by email or by phone and welcome the opportunity of speaking with you.