Reflective Clinical Supervision

NEW GROUPS Being Offered for Reflective Clinical Supervision

I am pleased to advise that I have ran two pilot Reflective Group Supervision with Drumming and have had feedback and comments that suggest that offering reflective group supervision with drumming would be of interest and welcomed as an adjunct to reflective talk supervision – many thanks to the peers – colleagues that participated in the pilot and shared their thoughts and suggestions – I am extremely grateful.

Reflective Group Supervision with Drumming and Reflective Group Supervision of Supervision with Drumming

I will offer the reflective group supervision with drumming a few times a year for up to 6 participants and would run for approximately 3 hours. The groups would be closed so that there is the opportunity of finding rhythm and flow and connection to build the safety and trust of this reflective experiential supervision approach. I would consider offering some open groups as one off if this is of interest throughout the year.

It would not be based on cognitive narrative rather using the drums as communication and the somatic narrative …  we will be exploring state change and body response change with some reflective discussion after the drumming exercises. 

The drums and percussion will be supplied, no drumming experience needed – the first 30 minutes will be to familiarise you with the drums and learning some basics – remember that I am still learning so we will be able to do this together … it will be fun, safe and experiential. The group will include Emmie my canine co-therapist and will be in person. The location will be determined when there is sufficient interest.

The themes and topics that you would bring could include but not limited to:

  • a client case – stuck point – challenge
  • a theme or specific presenting issue
  • a self reflective question – stuck point – challenge
  • refection on the last month/s – what your month was like – or what was missing or what else was needed
  • transference – counter transference


$150 per group per person for 3 hours

For the groups that will be closed, a commitment to all 3 x or 2 x groups will be required and they will be run in person.

All enquiries to with the day – time you prefer and as many questions as you need a response to. These groups are seen as a supplement and addition to individual clinical – reflective supervision and not intended to replace individual supervision. I look forward to supervising the reflective group supervision with drumming and the3 reflective group supervision of supervision with drumming and to working with you.